How to Choose the Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet and Knee Pain

Running is one of the best exercises that can help in keeping our bodies fit and healthy. However, if you have bad knees running it will be hard for you to continue running since you can’t run appropriately when in pain. Understanding the science behind the knee pains that occurs in runners can help you know the appropriate running shoes can help greatly reduce the discomfort before and after running.

How to know if you have flat foot

The very first thing you should do before going ahead to purchase shoes for flat feet, is to ensure your feet are flat by doing a foot structure test. You can tell if you are flat footed by looking at your stability, being prone to injury or check if your shoes are wearing out in some parts. To perform foot structure test you need to wet your feet with a substantial amount of liquid and most preferably water. After wetting your feet you can then step onto a substance that can hold your footprints. If you see that your entire sole makes a mark on the substance. Then you should know you are having a flat foot. With that information you can now go ahead and purchase running shoes for flat foot. It’s important to know that wearing the wrong shoes for the wrong type of foot can cause knee pain and affect your running. Everyone has natural suspensions in their feet to absorb the imp­act of hitting the ground as you run. Knee pains occurs in runners when their feet over compensate for that impact which causes quadriceps and hamstrings to develop wrongly. In most cases, knee pains occur to people with flat feet or those with low arch since they are!

This one is simple to understand. Having flat means you lack arch in the bottom of your feet. The arch acts as a spring that pushes your feet outside as you step. In arch’s absence your foot rolls inward towards the menial side of the foot. This is called overpronation and causes knee pain associated with flat feet. When looking for shoe reviews and their technical specification, any indication of “added support” means you are headed to the right direction.

Denser material

Any running shoe for flat feet and knee pain should have denser material in the inner side of the shoe. Since overpronation comes as a result of your feet rolling inward, having a denser material that doesn’t have any give like the rest of the shoe sole in the inner side will correct that. As you shop for running shoes this is an awesome feature to look out for. You can easily tell if the running shoes have this feature by simply looking at the inside. The denser rubber will usually have different color from the rest of the sole. This is a very crucial component to prevent your feet from rolling and preventing knee pain before and after running.

Give in the heel

This also another great feature that best running shoes for flat feet and knee pain should have. The idea is having some space on the heel to allow your feet to roll inward like you are used to allowing your feet to move freely as you run. This should be accompanied by denser material in the inner part to allow your feet to complete the role properly centered on your toes.

Proper size

This is a very important feature. Running with a shoe that doesn’t fit you properly can be dangerous. You should always ensure that you get the right size for your running shoes for proper foot movement when running. With a running shoe that doesn’t fit properly you might suffer knee pain as a result of improper foot movement. Inappropriate running shoes for flat legs can cause instability at the flat area of your foot and on your knees. This condition can trigger accidental injuries at your knees as you run and once your stability is affected you might result to uncontrollable body movements. However, choosing a running shoe isn’t as easy as many think it is and so you should be keen. You can purchase a pair and see how it works for you. If you feel that you need extra features you can upgrade on your next pair.

Vacuum cleaner guide – Advantages and disadvantages

Vacuum cleaners are one of the handiest household tools ever invented. Not only do they provide an effective method for floor cleaning, but they also purify the air quality and reduce the risk of allergy flare-ups. Let’s have a quick look of the main types of vacuum machine and choose the best for your home.

Upright vacuum cleaner

Upright vacuum cleaners provide good suction on large carpeted areas, often have a larger capacity than cylinder models, and work well in busy households with a lot of floor traffic. The brush bar on the floor head can tackle things like hair embedded in the carpet, making them a good choice for pet-owners. However, they are also heavier, difficult to move around corners and cannot be used on stairs, so may not besuitable for multiple storey houses. Read more: 10 Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaner on the Market

Canister vacuum cleaner

This model is designed with a small, wheeled dust container so that you can pull it behind you and flexibility move around the room and up the stairs. The main feature of this type of vacuum is the possibility to attach different heads, suitable for different jobs. Latest models usually come with special heads for furniture dust, different types of surfaces such as hardwood floors, carpets, hone and so on. However, this model often does not perform as well as uprights on heavy carpets.

Handheld vacuum cleaner

This model is very useful for cleaning up your car, complex furniture pieces, between sofa cushions or even clothing, or some narrow places you simply can’t reach with an upright or a canister vacuum cleaner. Moreover, with handheld vacuums, you can easily remove pet hair, various stains, spills and other stuff you want gone.  However, handheld vacuum will not replace a full-size one, so it is usually intended as a back-up tool.

Wet-dry vacuum cleaner

This model is suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage, and the main feature is that you can reverse the airflow, in order to blow garbage and dust, instead of sucking it. You can thus gather all the dirt into a corner and get it out easy. You can even use this function to unclog the hose. They are relatively cheap and ready to do a lot of tasks.

Robotic vacuum cleaner

The main feature of this kind of product is the movement algorithm. Most robotic vacuums use a combination of fuzzy logic with reinforcement learning, neural networks, potential field or similar artificial intelligence methods to achieve a homogenous cleaning of the entire floor space and to return safely to the docking station for battery recharge. The great thing about these it the “set it and forget it” approach. In order to reach to tight corners, many robotic vacuums use spinning brushes or variable air flows. However, it is not convenient for vacuuming stairs and it is quite expensive.

Some other things you also should consider:

Cordless or corded

One of the latest trends in the vacuum cleaning industry is to produce cordless devices. However, if you own a large to average home, cordless vacuums may not be the solution for you, as even the top rated models last around 30 minutes before they need to be recharged. There’s also a suction power decrease that is trivial for cordless appliances.

Bagged or bagless

Bagged vacuums need a new bag every couple of months, depending on your cleaning frequency. Meanwhile, abagless model, an eco-friendly approach some people embrace with pleasure. However, with bagless vacuums you have to clean the dust container and remove the stuck hair.

Hope them be helpful for you to choose the right one for your lifestyle.

The Best Lightweight Running Shoes For Flat Feet

If you’ve got flat feet, running without a proper shoe support system can easily lead to you getting injuries. The foot arch normally helps to absorb the shock experienced by the foot as it strikes the ground when running. However, for flat footed runners, the arches normally collapse when the feet hit the ground, increasing the chances of getting injuries. This therefore means that flat footed runners have to choose their shoes wisely in order to avoid such injuries. Since flat footed runners tend to overponate, they need shoes with alot of stability, motion control and support features. They also need shoes which are very light. We review some of the best lightweight running shoes for flat feet and they include;

Merrell Mix Master 2 (men) / Merrell Mix Master Glide (women).

Merrell mix master shoes are very versatile and light, making them ideal for runners with flat feet. The mix master series come in form of the mix master 2 for men and the mix master glide for women and both are ideal for running on any kind of surface from roads to the more technical trails. The shoes are light and durable, giving the runner’s feet a more gentle and natural strike.

Brooks Pure Grit 2.

The pure grit 2 is very stable and well cushioned on top of being very lightweight. At 10 oz for men and 8.2 oz for the ladies shoe, the pure grit 2 is really lightweight and does not slow a runner down. The asymetric upper construction and aggressive tread that comes with the pure grit 2 gives it that grip a runner so much needs to overcome all the twists and turns that come with the various trails. It is perfect for runners who want to change from the traditional shoe to a lighter one without embracing barefoot.

Newton Distance Neutral LW Traine

These trainers feature Newton’s signature forefoot lugs which help to promote an optimal strike pattern. The trainers have been desogned for both short and long distance running and at 7.8 oz for men and 6.8 oz for women, the trainers are pretty lightweight and will not interfere with your running. The trainers are ideal for speedy and effecient runners. The Newton trainers are also breathable and fast drying. The trainers’ open air upper ensures comfort even on hot summer days or in areas of high temperatures.

Sauccony Virrata

Ever since the Saucony Viratta was named on Outside’s list of the “Gear Of The Yeat 2013″, it has been the talk among runners. The Viratta is by far Saucony’s lightest and most flexible running / training shoe. It’s built on the zero drop platform which allows for natural movement while at the same time providing good cushioning for your feet. The upper part of the shoe has airy mesh which even makes it feel lighter than its official weight of 6.5 oz for men or 6 oz for women.

Skecher’s GOrun 2.

Another shoe that deserves a spot on our list of the best lightweight running shoes for flat feet is the Gorun 2 from Skechers. Though it is still relatively new on the market, its quality and features have enabled it to cement its position on the list of the best lightweight running shoes for 2013. The shoe features a rocker shaped outsole which gives the runner an optimal toe off. The signature lightweight and flexible upper part of the shoe also makes it easy for any type of foot to slip in and grit with so much ease. The GOrun is perfect for speed works or shorter road racing. Lastly, at 6.8 oz for men and 5.3 oz for women, lifting your legs will not be a problem even when you are very exhausted.

Nike FlyKnit Lunar+.

The FlyKnit Lunar+ is one of the best designed running shoes but it makes it to our list more because of its features than the design. The shoe comes with a knitted upper which helps to secure the foot in the shoe giving it a sock like feel. It also has a soft and flexible midsole which gives it a more natural ride underfoot while at the same time giving the feet ample protection from the road’s roots and ruts. It’s perfect for running fashionist as looking for a light but effecient shoe. Finally, at 8.2 oz for men and 6.6 oz for women, it’s pretty much lightweight.

If you’re looking for lightweight running shoes for flat feet, any of the above will do for you. Whichever you decide to choose, make sure it’s comfortable for you and as light as possible.

The Best Running Shoes For Big Men With Flat Feet

Running is a form of exercise that helps strengthen aerobic and cardiovascular function in the body. Shoes are an important part of our attire. The difference between a good or bad running experience is generally in your choice of footwear. Running shoes are to running, what musical instruments are to music.Slipping, tripping, etc all depend on choice of running shoes.

In the past, it was okay to use the same sneakers for whatever sporting activity you wanted to perform such as tennis, baseball, high jump, running etc. Presently running shoes are made differently and specially for running, and brand names have multiplied. The result is an overwhelming pool of running shoe options to choose from. It is vital that when making a choice of running shoes, you put your feet’s response to physical exertions involved in running first on the list.

Having good running shoes helps reduce the feeling of pain and aches in your feet, ankles, shin and knees. Most products have advantages and disadvantages. Many considerations come into play in making a choice that satisfies an individual’s personal needs. These considerations could be related to foot structure, body weight or the lifestyle of the particular individual.

A proper fitting shoe is very important for comfort and the prevention of injury. The shoe in question should reinforce stability on the move and also cushion the falls of the feet. The attractiveness of running shoes should be far low on the considerations list as it is sometimes necessary to sacrifice fashion for comfort.

Factors to consider when choosing running shoes.

  • Size of feet.
  • Feet Structure.
  • Body weight.
  • Wideness of feet.
  • Prior feet ailments.
  • Type of arch of feet.

Ailments related to footwear.

Bunions – Here, the big toe joints get out of alignment and get swollen and painful.

Plantar Fasciitis – This condition comes with a burning or aching pain in the heel of the foot. The pain runs from the heel to the ball of the foot, known as the plantar fascia. This is usually caused by inadequate cushioning in the footwear. Rest helps on reducing the pain.

Over-pronation – This occurs when the feet rolls/pushes back inwards too much, causing stress and inflamation to the plantar fascia. This can lead to increased strain on the back, the calves or the feet

Metatarsalgia – This condition is known for causing pain on the ball of the foot, very cose to or before the toe are. Shoes without a wide toe box encourage this ailment.

Choosing running shoes for big men with flat feet.

Finding the right running shoes for a big man can be a huge challenge. Most regular retail stores rarely keep big sizes. Many manufacturers make little or no provision for persons who need special-sized shoes. Since these “big men” cannot get customized footwear, they are most times forced to get shoes that are too small, usually with the hopes that the shoes will stretch out after some period of wear.

The problem is further compounded if the big man in question is flat footed. Flat footed individuals require special shoes, especially if running is involved. The human feet is classified according to how the foot touches the ground, or how the foot joints move. The most common kind of feet, which is considered normal, is one that touches the ground with the lateral side of the heel, having the weight evenly distributed. This kind of feet provides better stability and balance. Some other individuals have the kind of feet where the entire sole of their feet touches the ground. These persons are said to be flat footed, and are prone to many types of injury. Being flat-footed leads to easy wear out of some parts of the shoe, and a lack of stability.

Flat-footed individuals need a kind of motion control running shoes that have firm midsoles which offer full support to the feet. This reduces muscle stress and injury. There is a tendency for individuals who possess large feet to be made fun of. There is no reason to be ashamed as you cannot help it.

It is easier and more productive to shop for running shoes for persons with who are big and flat footed in specialty stores or use online sources that cater for their special needs.


Buy a running shoe that contains:

  • Gel for extra impact absorption.
  • Material that allows your feet to breathe, thereby reducing foot odour and irritation, and increasing the comfort of a dry foot environment.
  • A model that supports your feet when running in uneven or rocky terrain.
  • Motion control material.
  • A firm midsole for full support.

Amazon presents an amazing variety of options for you to make your choice from. They specialize in selling affordably priced running shoes, and most likely have the stock of your preferred shoe manufacture or something even better. Back orders are also allowed if what you want isn’t readily available


Best Running Shoes For Flat Feet Kids

Over the past 20 years, all the major producers of footwear have made extraordinary developments on running shoes making use of specific technologies that are aimed at assisting runners with flat feet so that they can run comfortably and safely. The technique has been tried, tested and it works; the best running shoes for flat feet kids have observed stability, support as well as motion control.

Support is all that a flat foot runner requires. When buying running shoes, the technical specifications that indicate “added support” signifies that you’re headed in the precise direction. Stability is the industrial term that categorizes the running shoes that are aimed at helping over pronation: every shoe brand has its own collection of Stability Shoes while Motion Control Shoes are the Stability Shoes meant for severe overpronators. Below are the best running shoes for flat feet kids.

Stability Running Shoes

Don’t assume that flat feet automatically require Motion Control shoes: well assembled Stability shoes can be the excellent choice for a kid runner with low arches.

Mizuno Wave Inspire 9

Mizuno has unleashed a smartly modified update to its Wave Inspire series which is one of the best running shoes for flat feet kids. The Wave Inspire 9 is targeting runners who need an additional foot support. With this popular support shoe, the designers fully understand the effectiveness of their smart move and one that resonate with many young runners with flat feet.


  • Mizuno Wave Inspire 9 has reliable stability that’s combined with the fast transition.
  • To date, it’s the lightest and most excellent fitting Inspire.
  • Flashier colors for kids.

VERDICT: It’s a light, stable and quick shoe that retains sufficient cushioning and support for long distances and daily training.

Asics GT 2000

The GT 2000 is one of the newest in GT shoe series from Asics. Asics have completely overhauled the popular GT 2170 shoe, from the bottom up. GT 2000 is one of the best running shoes for flat feet kids; it is fully equipped as an all weather shoe, favorite for trail running.


  • Decent stability
  • Accommodates many foot shapes.
  • Firmer forefoot feel and improved mid foot support.
  • Improved aesthetics

VERDICT: It’s a completely overhauled running shoe that retains the classic GT feel that incorporates modern design elements that includes the 10mm heel to toe differential and a firm, more receptive forefoot. Asics GT 2000 is one of Motion Control running shoe adopts similar solutions to Stability shoe, together with special sole unit/upper structure that locks the kid’s foot into position and supports it throughout the running.

TIP: A lot of motion control running shoes normally have raised arch of very hard material. It’s designed to put the arch in its right position.

Mizuno Wave Alchemy 12

The wave plate design meets the needs of the runner, may it be a kid or an adult. Arches that are very flexible demand a shoe like Mizuno Wave Alchemy 12 that provides a very firm support and normally considered by pundits as one of the best running shoes for flat feet kids. The feet appreciate the design implementation of the wave plate; it purely outperforms anything else your kid has ever tried. Runners prefer the arch to be located much closer to the heel rather than the forefoot and this Mizuno brand delivers in this regard. Any professional opinion will consider this shoe as the most biomechanically acceptable footwear design for kids who like running.


  • Lightest control shoe ever tested
  • Durable due to the stable carbon rubber that makes of its outsole
  • Highly breathable upper case

VERDICT: An extremely stable shoe that won’t leave your kid feeling like he/she has been training in brick.

Brooks Trance 11

The first thing that you notice once you open the Brooks box is the striking design of the shoes. The yellow and grey color combination is very eye catching while the overlay mesh has an interesting decorative design pattern. The kid will also like the branding design, which has its shoe name much located along its lacing system while the Brooks name is down its heel.


  • Good Arch Support
  • Cushioned Impact

VERDICT: Brooks Trance 11 provides a premium structured cushioning at the same adding the Brooks’ patented technologies. The shoes offer a luxurious practice and a high level of support and protection that ensures that the stride is always kept in line.

Finding the best running shoes for flat feet kids is very tricky, but now that you have all the necessary info you are ready to opt for an appropriate shoe as reviewed above.

Good shoe for flat feet to work out

We all are born with different body structure. Some people have flat feet and some have curved feet and therefore, speed control running shoes are necessary for individuals with flat feet. A flat foot can cause a lot of difficulties when it comes to keeping fit. The fallen-arches mean that you are more vulnerable to fitness problems caused by exercise.

You can determine the type of your feet by doing the wet test. Wet test is basically done by wetting your foot with water and placing it on a piece of brown paper. Usually, a flat foot leaves behind a mark showing almost the whole foot. You can also check your foot physically, there is almost no arch going inward from the toe to the heel, for a flat foot. The curve height largely determines foot type and pronation.

What Shoes To Use?

The best running shoes for flat feet people are those with movement control system. Motion control system shoes are designed not for the foot structure to change nor to correct the walking style but rather to work with the running style that it will assist the flat feet individual run with comfort. The best running shoes for flat runners must have good support. Because the mid sole of a flat individual are slightly curved, it also requires something which will absorb.

those with high stability properties. In addition, shoes with firm mid soles are by far the most appropriate types. These factors reduce the ability of your flat feet to twist over in specific areas, therefore making your running or walking more comfortable. It is important that you avoid shoes which are highly curved in inwards soles for these shoe types may compress your foot painfully and reduce your stability

Because running shoes were designed based on the activities for runners, they are usually equipped with cushion and padding materials for greater flexibility. You do not need shoes that have several layers of padding as this will apply more pressure to your flat feet, therefore making it extremely painful to use. It is therefore advisable that you use running shoes that are not too curved and have at least one layer of comfort pads.

Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet

Asics Gel Evolution 6

Asics Gel Evolution 6 is one of the best running shoes for flat feet. This type of shoe is for runners who have low arches, overpronate excessively, and it is also designed to support bigger runners who overpronate extremely and need more help than the usual stability shoe. Asics gel evolution 6 will keep your feet secure for a safe run.

New Balance Mr 1400

This shoe was specifically designed for heavy runners (marathon runners). Running long distances can be extremely painful particularly if you have flat feet. The new balance mr 1400 running shoe can help reduce most of the ache your feet go through while running.

Adidas Adistar Ride

Adidas Adistar Ride running shoes is recommended for those individuals who enjoy running and are looking for comfortable running shoes to take them to the next level. This flat feet running shoe has the whole package; it is very comfortable to run with, extremely light in weight, and it also has extra safety components that other flat feet running shoes lack.

Nike Zoom Vomera Plus 5

The Nike Zoom Vomera plus 5 is the perfect running shoes for individuals looking for comfort ability and style. The Nike Zoom Vomera running shoes for flat feet is very comfortable to run with, it is like having heaven-down in your feet.

Brooks Glyceryn 8

This is the type of shoes that is very well accepted by big runners. The Brooks Glyceryn 8 was the first shoe with Brooks DNA. Brooks DNA provides unique shoes to runners, which are very comfortable inside.

Do not let your flat feet keep you from achieving your dreams. Running is good for your health and will also provide you with lifetime benefits. Therefore, you should always consider the type of shoes that you choose to run with since most of the running shoes can be very uncomfortable and very painful to run with. The best running shoes are supposed to lessen your aches. You can find the best running shoes for flat feet from Amazon.